Thursday, March 22, 2007

Azymous Bread

action brings a beginning, a desert.

a cat arrives cut above eyes.

a dive arrests—does a fruitfly,

an eagle along every arching gulch,

ask for aiming? for a haven?

abdicate goals; all goals are invention.

a harbinger, a healing, alms juiced

at ice. act inside a kill.

a jinxed action just as life,

as, kitten, a kangaroo’s artless miming

and life acts lascivious about nothing.

artless, my annals massage an old

aptitude. nestle among north america’s putrid

aims; our art objects are quiet.

a people along parabolic arrows reels.

a quilted anchor quakes and scales.

art’s rock and roll amasses time

and solitude. all strands are uncomfortable

about their all-too-accidental verdure,

and, under aegis, all universes are withdrawn

(also vicious). atavistic violence and xenolalia—

a warbled anima without a yoke,

a xylophone among XXX attitudes. zonal

areas. your atlas yeasty although antimnemonic.

always zeroable, a zizz around bees,

an arrhizal, astral assertion, a catalog.