Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Recoiling Sauce

Another banana comes down
evenly, fermented
genuinely, hung in joy,
kingly languishing.

Many new observers
peer queerly up
viewing xenos
yearning ziqqurratu.

and beneath Curt's drawn envelope, furled

anal belches churn down, eleven farts
gasp, huffing into journeys.

Kristoff, lathered milk; next,
of pearl. Quit ruining sorbet,
tinkling urine, vapormist
wafting, exotic yeti zipsauce.

Archers' bows can't drive
eleven feathers gullet high
into Justin, killing little man.

New obituary, paper quickly
reads: son taken. Ugly violent
wound (exit) yielding Zagnut.

King liquid

next, open Piper's quaking robe

potion quivering, Ra-plenishing
surge taken up virginally,
witheld except yielded

King's lance, mansions nestled
opulently, perched quixotically

ate baked queef chili at Dante's