Friday, March 2, 2007

The Silken

Sultry and democratic. Your democratic dress is bulged in its frontispiece. Your forgotten democracy, Mr. Mistaken, evoked moods likened to the lichen-surface of our ice pond. Rivulets are mistaken for Mr. Lichen. Lichen-rich because often lichen-fed ponds. Often water grew from everywhere simply by feeling like it was gonna be there. Computers become slower, like men who fell from their water. Men from their ways, waves of ways Springsteen knew the rhythm spells the note of the rhyme. I have recalled occasionally in solitude, my electronic darkest source, an elixir. Outside. Revelations happen in the good outside. Outside where revelation's ear hears, sears sounds in republic seats. Sudden hibernation occured. Twelve months later every child slept sterilely for all of time, twelve wives, twelve cyclones, twelve vegetables, and planted twelve emotions.