Friday, March 23, 2007

To anyone who dreads the glass structure:

To anyone who dreads the glass structure:

With their enormous work for the master,
the glass-enclosed lemon trees
undertook a gut rehab of Barbara.
“I’m a learning gardener,” she says,
“and paints, caulking, lemon terraces, too;
they have taken a sleek responsibility.”
Her gardens and patios are things you don’t see,
being in the fashion-gardens.

Six years ago, mate escape.
“In Italian gardens, trees bloom
and perfume the air with their survived,
and we’ve been working to reestablish,” says Barbara.
“Also fitting the theme, I bought this house.”

“Having a young, promoting energy, we do
have a responsibility to live this way. So we try
to mend a greenhouse. Before the greenhouse,
adjacent lemons are fruiting,” says Barbara.

And Barbara says, tightly sealed,
“When I saw this place over a short time, smaller
but much more flavorful, safe but dormant in winter,
warm, light-filled, it just felt safe.”