Saturday, June 9, 2007

Missheard Bosses


Giant shop burned instead
are homing into her
magic pillow underhead

so much more attractive
inside the moral penis
inside the dark fire, guy I like
inside the sour landslide

the steps to dash an open heart
inside the moral kiosk

the China-shot butt instead

Auto hangs are oriental head
inside the cold fire


Run your sleeve
Stand into slow shoulders
Iron the room

High in the rib heaven
Trot to win
Try to wang


Turned it in a hole
Hookie-mouth the question

Can of poop
Ooh we were little

Mother would resist
Hit the pile with a rope, the question


W'all are gravy
see cooks not stopping, worried

We'd combine and end the cyst
We could gather through a fear
up to find Katie buys her kitchen-size
big key waste of time

sit and still

I'm the Sun and you're Nadir
We're combining in the syth
we could gather

sit on top of the big key
I can here you


Turn to lasik conversation
You're like a grecian urn
Deny you're overweight
Shave and you're opportune
You're a liketrocution
Sheer and prune
Is that a seal trojan of today on her youth?
You're like a gay Chagall


Take her ace-ass

more rats