Friday, August 17, 2007

Titular Poem

This oak word is chiseled into oak because oak becomes abundant in our kin's faces. Suited retirement glove is to naked coins' birthright to techno-Naomi's shoveled corpse hole as a big red box around wood transmutates into a state bat is to Darth Claw. Skinfolds whipping chowders in the breeze of enormous wakes. Mercury makes pins different than salami furnaces for Christ and Shep Proudfoot. My own film hammers blows up your budget box, hyphenated hyphens are like the roundest referent period I ever thought I could see. Gary the Heat Helmet began to backtrap into danger chives, portals into the antipodal miracle of our mirror joy, China breaks through when you least pronounce it, its tailwinds visions of three manes repeated over a windswept, grimmacing plain face of great Clydesdales. Filthy asses rain dookie down, stalling for ages for cheeses such rich butter of my animals' childhood's butt salad. I buffeted that fantasy. First ever airstrike performance, bouncing, my edge shatters your pathetic baseline perception, edging out closer orbits, braising together a new salad dressinged afro bush dessert. Utter bones sauce sucked pigtails off a series of bones, spiced sequences, chests revealed to greater yields, euphemisms unveiling their grassy and vibrant colors around the calf, wounded sock drenched sharply and vehemently. Forty galloping elves took Papelbon home to his discredit; we bonered everything that we moved all the way into Savannah.