Saturday, September 15, 2007


Marble cake smeared in bats
A basic corn
Tender Butt

Bark more jewelry
People sewering me

You’re going to end up collagen
I room full of nodes

Take my land
I’ll take you going to your own fish cannery

Rumor floor
Freezing a side of your golden

I took a children swipe
Desserts, a photographic

Taken here, it’s a goat taken back
The mirror’s load

It’s not like he hears a goat
The fear of getting heard

I membered you that night
Tiny for the moon, tubes

I can’t chug you
Underneath my bread

Develop a tear
A photograph of Lex

Quiet knife, ripe
Boot for my fronts

Where the bridge and the trees
stood and known your hand
The grass grew a pipe

The spray blew a pie