Monday, September 3, 2007

Let's Get Together

1. styles of deaf

got bored like a trigger
screamed on your ass

I’m gonna get your butter
like a dad

2. the art department

I’m wetting pain
my keys have changed

I’m the sire
ejected from my lean-to

3. porno click

master my staff

so thick and fat
level to the grain

slender death
nervous hooks

4. devil-psych

your head rough
you don’t remember jet

you enter the winter
shakes and sounds

crows in egg nog
attack the gull

now you’re acting Vince
watch your step, Ken

5. iron vent

the king’s little stature
scent I’m kicking

sleigh-man boots
straight out the swamp

6. yellow style

hazard enters your blood stream
sobering it after meat became lazy