Monday, December 10, 2007

Innard Visions

Prepare to scream
butter up to the sky

Buttered on the ground
super-facial paradise

Burped no dice

She’s going to the past
they all got through her

I can’t hang a load to wait


Handing ham, have I seen the lift?
The Law was never past, but some omen filled
their trembly feet

Tuna visions in our minds


A boar is born surrounded by four worlds
living then to ride erections

His sister, Zac
larder lakes are surging
Lipids are deceiving

I’m loving trash

His terror zone
he tried to fart, but that was nose pollution

His lunch is cruel


Lurking in your eyes
waging force surprise

The heaven in your voice is nacho
I’ll ladle it up to you to show it

Golden lady
handskin under-sty
waiting for her chance

just to poll your hand
A touch of grail


Cheeses, children

Iron hearing
Are you standing for a sojourn
speaks a vintnor

Come to life
I’ll crank your card on the table
lurking at you

If you laugh it’s going to come too fast


Allahs change with time
a headlight’s mystery
All the fates are chants

I tossed my corn

I should have never lapped your side


All these leeches

When your checkered arm
you get off your chest
I chance to shake off the loo

Don’t worry about the buffet


Mix a doo with a smile

When you’re gel-meat
the country dollar

A bone cake got painted
When a hand’s in a man, you know the snow’s got to shoot
if the hand bless a femme

Living with others is like a cake-hand
talking too much makes me worry you’ve got a gun
with confetti stinking all over yourself