Saturday, May 10, 2008


To rebel-face
you screwed up; the muse selects your face
Keno, fast-nailed cows
Jamaica coxcomb, Rasta-language
the pricking heart is thrown against the hours
let's smack these scholars around their fondant necks
and hold your plate up to the charging light
Exhibit A, your clothes are legendary
Murder, I don't want a penny around my heart
judging me sucks eggs and jerking meat
the boy in me dreams of Milkwood
hold on to me right upside down
eldest baker walks through streets, hunger prevails
lick an old ex-boxer
space up in the wildwood shrimp boat
you would love to see the ground they make of you
Oh Mr. Thomas, the shrimp-boat through the midnight burger
there's thorough butter through the ferris wheels
the pen-library on the library let us rain
let us watch for the days that grow more mundane
let Rosco bullride with his shears
hotwire the belly of the swollen mountains
and molten Harolds flow forward from mysterious tears
let us ramble through the midnight
let us throw butter at the ferris wheel
let us play library on the library, let it rain in the moonlight
steal whatever liver we're supposed to steal