Monday, December 1, 2008

Ate, Awaits an Artbreak

Don't say you will doo-doo
Take off your cooth, I pray you will

I admit I
Fanta-sized a bowed Jew


My friend showed me pictures of kids
He said his daughter got a brand new repoed art-car
old cracker juxed a good look
ooh hoo

God says their getting married by the lake
Anna can't stop
No, Noah can't stop
Iggy can't stop
Ike can't stop
Ai can't stop
Aida can't stop
I've got to get fitted
ooh hoo-hoo


I hear them taunt the coldest story ever told
How could you be so heartless?
cold as the winter when it breathes
so you walk around, but in the end
it's still it's owed, a side of me
they said the dino seed

Talking Tonka talky talk
the coda story ever told
led on and on and on
on, on


I might see you in my nightmare
How'd you get get there?
I'm running from the son I mated
I'm taking Alf on the road
Tell everybody that you know


When the night is young
the co-stars is out
over and out--Did you get there?
Baby-girl, I'm Finnish
You are Mrs. P.U. Idontseeyou


Memories made in the code