Thursday, May 7, 2009

I’d be in sin, not you
to let me take you where you led me

because thieving just upsets me
and I’d be Rondo

you’re disgusted, and I’d wrap my arms around your butt
chain me, don’t be hasty

I wonder
you can see
if I’m on the A-Team

Grab my last request
shore I can’t accept
I’m bound to wander down a low way
but I’m the whiner, then, the fool
that I was before

Grab my elastic West
lay down the sign of me

how can this be law?
lay down the side of meat

for one last time let’s go there
way down beside Mead
lay down the sai


Norse-sleeping at night
why can’t we trust your wine?
O crazy drunken knife
when I kissed you in the hole when
hole-tootie, Lord
Lord-sleeping at night
but I’m going from bar to bar
rewind when I’m sleeping at night

wash your hinds of me
numbnuts sleeping at night

butt ‘em