Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dog-Faced Face

Revenge is a drink made wholly from the juice strained through the nighttime net of Georgia's fruits. When the slime comes down from God and God's armored horde, that's eternally when you feel like you have been taken by ghosts of God's horde. Sometimes wooden handles coax music from dark, sacred diamonds fed by the frothing horde. 9 hordes challenged God's horde. First horde started strong, but didn't procure the exact mustard. 2nd and 3rd and 4th hordes: tough competition there, but still no mustard. Fifth horde forgot what the exact plan was. They stopped looting every Jewish dry-cleaner in Brooklyn by sundown on Hanukkah. Sixth and seventh hordes and some dudes from Upstate Horde got entangled with some video dudes' horde seven times. Horde 8 broke horde 12's hoofs when horde Dracula Fang broke its own fang on a nocturnal applecore. Ninth horde shucked eleven ears of porn.