Thursday, February 11, 2010

But Still

Fizzy girl with a dog
make it night
we ain’t gonna need any more of that

When I was 18 I thought
he must burrow

See, it’s my thing to be pork-someone

There’s a true hair upon me

Little girl; you got the cage on her

The self-made mayonnaise is truly shadow

Hoodabie wants to be

While you’re still singing you got to tell the ladies

It’s nothing to be part of anyone

It’s hard precedents

My children could have been a dream

Got myself a job as a new Argonaut
tried to tell myself I don’t know what it means

Butt-tune back to hiding in my home-scene

Am I funny? Yeah.
If I find my hair chimes.
You try to get near, and you can’t get near.

I felt I was by myself
Think I’m hungry, babe
Think I’m hungry for mayonnaise

When I wipe up this morning
Think I find I’m horny

I got to moonwalk my day away
But I just blow it a little each day

Sex yourself down

When I get golder, mellowed out
Being the raven we make

Butter my hind
There is no dessert
There is no disorder

Get yourself a pie and someone
let them wave goodbye

This is a song about a car door

I see the whole wing

A wizard making donuts

Playing foolish gongs

Sudden girl-calm

Got a doody-bomb

can improve in absence

the dark-eyed jellybean

secret sheep like a baby from Tennessee

every day we learn more howl

open up, my friend, and burn me here

you wonder who is upon us now

it is the Jew in him