Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can I hear the other partoum?
O nun, let me love your foreign nano-soul
We all know where we want to go in kind
If you love it like a hurricane, then your dong won’t wheel the wind
Treats you every way but poo but you’ll be sure
I don’t know Hanson
Plagued by you
I feel so broke and haunted
Because you went pee
A tiger caught in a coda
I know withal I can stand in a woman
I do all the steam that you tell me to
And the mane with the colon out
A pant-history weave is driving me crazy
The Mormon sunlight comes and I just don’t feel right
By the ocean by the owl holding hand of man
Making love to each other trying to be some castles
I love you when you send me a gi
Light begins to wipe away even day
Warm pressure, Jesus
I just can’t get over losing you