Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gold Gown

The wine seems to be the only race for me

errors and falling

a permanent giraffe.

Odors that feel right

altitude seams

you luck into my past.


time while

put it on a shelf for you.

Donut where I’ve been

You son waiting, I might have been zonked

Waffles stand around me

I’ve loved them all along

They fill the past with love

Being a heady gambler

If it’s gonna be useless

See the porridge

Coma get me round me

In business with a bra of mine

They fill the bathroom good

Know the blue flame

Got my daughter koala

The lake of try and find

Now she is a-whaling, the feeling of the pole

The nightmare of us

Shitting on a highway with a broken fan

The livery step

like a marigold looking back

ham so glad

messed up a silo

man had an island

to be a line

since you whaled away

Did your palm catch a cube

and bounce them down

me and my baby and a cage

come out, heart

be slower

on the stage

she makes me feel dust

you’re a liar

Friend came over for a gun too late

Stars above, I fell in love

Crossfire to the floor

Makes a full heart wonder

she murders like the steam off a dove

feel a button