Monday, June 14, 2010


He farted a grey hide
A neat little chipped ball
As we penalize this time
Accidental, not too painful in the end
A great season
For the Paraguayans,
A landlocked population
Special messages of support
Their star man
Who was shot in a Mexican bar
I don’t think that’s going to impact on the squad, though
It’s Pepe
It’s too long for the attack to continue
It was Mark Easyo
So versatile I bet Lippy loves it
Forcing some damage
Across the box
Morale once again
Paraguay looking stubborn
Could we be even, lined up for the first shock?
It’s a little bit worrying sign
Given a helping hand
It’s the slightest dick
I was having a Clarie
A cross towards Pepe!
A little nudge, a morel
Then comes speed teeming down
A pomme on shirts
A pretty good start, though, from the champions
It could be part of Paraguay’s plan, though
Just to soak things up for twenty minutes
It is raining, though, it’s been raining all day
Capetown’s been wearing its winter coat
Table Mountain, shrouded in mist
Robbing Ireland across the Cape of Good Hope
Just about invisible
This beautiful city not quite so beautiful today