Friday, November 19, 2010


a newer nothing
I believe it if you say you’re kin
1-2 thing

the sun’s going to shine an olive hearse

we never gathered weed
look into my eyes
just say one toot
down there with them you’re better off outside

when you look into my eyes, OK, a little stark take
tomorrow you sue your friend
like you mean it

a bed of flotsam
fucking rich
whale stuff I got you

just a single pose repeated over and over
then he pulled me out

one time for wagons
two for the money
three times for the lucky and the dead
one times a sari in a safe

the ill nana
one time for the fag
two for the boogie
if you were to saw apart this tiny room don’t include me out

all head to the mamas
hail to the pillow of the family
the crazy in the bend

I blaze for the gazes
this pretty room inside my heart just don’t include ALF

don’t include me, ALF

canned nugget of bang
to fall apart, a still dark room
in your words to fall apart