Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Year's Mottle

We’re in a church of friends
every time I form you

You think a watt home
Fancy lettuce
Dishes girl
You want a broken winter
Shit’s not happening
Caught in the market
You see your cell phone roll under the carpet
Those barks and bilges
No sir

In a barrier
will you swallow me
speak up the bobble
I’m the beach
so I’m taking in
confused the internet
in the friendernet
standing in the bleeding
I’m no good with machine rap
I don’t want to be a love bird
I’m a whale with a night
I’m a whale with a jet owl
who was raided by a car
in spite of all of your entrances

Dirty pattern
In the tune you can feed it
This happened underhand
chew split
she’s like a gnawed comet
down there I’m parking here
no use being any other singer

On your whoops
Inured grip
We’ve been known to eye
when you don’t call up who
said you were tied up
when you don’t even wink

What you gulls go
Butter his thumb
Your eyes are excellent
bumping like a fire hydrant
too scared to father
I don’t want chips

To forgivement
Grown-up movers
You sit in the wonder
All the time you gravitated
Don’t you know I can’t stand upstairs

Got the dirt for Mike Schmidt
Everybody’s got you udders
Be nice, go kiss the waters
Once named dust
Even though I’m seeming moody
Having to burst

You laughed
but I know your soul
you’d better have a head that’s reckless
are you really gonna motor
you’re making the sun and movies
when a jewel gets caught
don’t act like you’re a bird
you’ll still get new shoes

Throw up in the dark
What about lunch for me
I call you Bela
you make a pretty kiln
all wet and we’re looking
whenever the plants are late
I’m the actor video

Dust a rumor
and a dowel
you see a xylophone
not just another mouth, now, what’s that called
just in the warm-up time
you were only a girl in Munich
you were a phone away
that’s an electric pole

The soul on the signal, Wyatt
all the names in the fork
everybody’s saying we’ve got heaven at quarterback
I know that I’m the great like glider
you can pray to your uncle
get that chicken out of here

Chillin in the shine
they see you
they don’t keep you
summer: my friends sit around
the weight that you feel

The snap precision takes its aim
Injure this thing
it’s just grace
big cheese
big nothing
I’ve been fascinated by the meal that you towel
I should pose
your lion in your paw foot
auto-button on my overcoat
birdies watching riddles
big Martha

A shrink out there, a tiger
burns a little brighter
until I found that there’s a whale
leave the butter here and you fall
secret shatter
you and dad would bring your lunch
even better here in the water

You don’t have to be a locket
all the lies of porn
the one who sips to gnaw more
seder running out
hammer on the thunder

There’s a spot
listening in to the penis
there are wives in your face

Every flame
walk out of bisque
your ghost-sailor
trying to be gum
I would start in the suction
I gave a light, then
we can talk to your face
after human
left and watched them
the one who used all your history