Friday, February 18, 2011

Turn On Some Music

Dreams of you
sins, all of you
sins we’ve been
a part where I miss you
put on three albums
and it’s on a tape
in an alley-zone
when the music starts
I’m going to build a slow choir
I’ll still be into you
I get sober
let’s get high!
Face Two
just why it is a quandary nobody knows
music’s been my feral pee
takin’ the brain
and my anatomy
it’s my sympathy always stinkin’
you don’t worry about the lorry high
lots of people up
the second jam is falling down
we bring one out
downtown, out the screens
straight into a tsai gi
hours later and I feel insane
you said “Wade, let’s take a freak!”
let me cast my grail
I’m not through yet
this is one life
D-d-d-da Doo Doo!