Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whale the Answer

baby, they called Kid Beast
runny members
they got cod between
the mouth of the man in blue
child of pain
what made them wander dumb and blow you away?
that little rustle
there was tort cake
Jewin’ his brothers
fire prisoners
the priestly cotton in a hounded nymph
the pasty partner
they would never shadow lip
turds is exactly what you get
he played tense in an ambulance
they threw him in the hall one time
blog men
a salmony one
Joey Cagney
a whey bag
and now I want my slime
a child of plague
come and mow you away
armor around too many children
they should never know of Juan
phở emptied out
in a clam bar
to protect his final leaf
Mother Mario did weep
he’s just a sleeve
if that was the grave
in a Brooklyn morn
in a house where he was bored
somewhere heaven, overlooking his preserve