Monday, December 19, 2011


Hefty wheel slang
We waft down the avenue okay
In the style
In wheat’s mouth
In a whole worthwhile

Yes yes yes
Yes it’s this





When your year of music’s ringing
And the fever in your heart
We cave from the backstreet

Summer red dress
And all the risks


I can’t stand myself

We gonna placate the violin

I didn’t know
I just got home from a gate
I saw you standing on the sea
I just want you on this windowsill here
I want you to come on in behind this story
I want you to just move on up on this letterbox
I’m just a little pig now
If you just open up a little bit
Come on in

We don’t stay up all night long
A miracle run across a field
You know how it feels

Gonna stare out all night long

Now we wheeze home a little bit
Dig this
And the healing
And the keeling