Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jape Awl

God in the gardens
zebra the cousin
hail to the pasta
lob the ramen

I involved all my niece and cousin
I involved all my need

Caramel and honey stole my thunder
they say I made a hawk of men
I had to get a helmet in her
they say you could cook my smile
I had a community of lack

They sat the more I try
I’m around to your heart

Why don’t you give me a Josh
and I’ll give you lives if you do
for Brody’s turn I’m erect
you know I love flogging, you do
you know now usually

could almost melt in the mountain of property

a lock of me
everything I doodle

my milky room

I commit to get stanky

a filet mignon ride
a cup more of tea
one nice scent
when it comes to hard bake
let me kneed it

the briar bits 
in Soho
100,000 watches away