Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Misheard Bosses


Diamond houses across the hand
Big diamond hearse
Caviar on my nuts


House tooth
I just meant it
for your touch the door

You're not a street's heart filled with vipers
in the valleys of the nose

handle if

Don't fall apart on meat tonight
a house out of steam and a sail

It's time that we're beneath the surf's waist
Butt cake creature lying in your arm
Don't fall apart to meat tonight


Soda and pistol
Ms Mouse's door
where he got off and peed before

he gave his cunt-scent

where will the right hand severed be
Weighed down
in the hollow tree
first communion was a Jewnique book

Excommunion was a big black steak

chaste, a mall into the lake

Ladle pussy-cornbread
laying on the shelf

My model has always been a middle cold
my appetite looking forward
You've got some taters waiting
weak, a Mako


Sitting on his daddy's name
Hammer's going to be the devil-me

A hammer in my ham
down listen to my cold steel

He worked so hard he broke
his hog

Got drunk
a film
Hold the ass
just flew