Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Misheard Bosses


I was a fire old mine
the land load
Drink a fill the fire picked up
My ashes flew

Now old now swinging
you're Kool-aid


Dead cute and idiot man
gave to the power
hand and a hower and brain

How he frills
He ate up Jesse's brain
to the moon for his life
lead poured in his grain

Hilled their breath
Robert Ford was a fax
a devil up his name


We hold some barges in our day
Filled with arbor, every inch
of the lake
Love Bridge
Theory Canal

For a job or a gal
Mule here comes a lock
You'll always know your plow

I'd like to see a mule produce my sound
going to the bridge, coming on the town
She let fly and I on tow


Heavy Ron Gold
we are brother and sister-in-law

Born in salad
A prize on on
Though the theory's lost
Dungeons shook
The chain is lost

Is that chain a hand
I'm going to board the big gray hare


Soon as that boat is clear as a bar
knock me down with that squash

I'd sit on the river and watch her run
(Accordion break)
I wish I was mist.
(Accordion break)

I want to eat forty nights
Every last daal on me

Pig-meat or goat-in-shell


He ate a rat
Hair with a lady
Wear a lady at Supper-Bee
If first communion was a flying moth
If next to come in was a Jew
If next to come in was a big black snake
laying on the chef

Little pizza