Saturday, May 5, 2007

Misheard Bosses


I thought I heard
the cat dance

As soon as that boat cleared the barn

I’d sit on a rudder and watch it hum

Hen to hen
Beat my friend
Old King Peru

Big diamond horse


A master in the ribs of me
Be better than be found

A moose would be ignored
In a lake
his tundras rest

Bounced himself to death
On our frozen mount, dear
He chucked up to a star
His boot heel in Iraq

Pity can’t be stopped
Beak cannot be blocked


Make it a hens law
You can’t have any tar

A natural woman
Honey to a beetle

Susan better give me some carrot pie


Boot lay harbor
Furry people
lost their legs

I heard some ways
to hallway
my roller took a right

Rosie raid
it to a hound
boxes made of foam

Mr. Underbaby
Take a coffin from my own


Heal me crying out
her nail

sanding down
the railroad

Dong the high wave
kind of stone
Sure like to ball

Wipe your death
Would you pardon me a sister,
hole like an awl


If I weigh some Jewry
If I weigh a secret low

I never will be toe
I could be no centaur thing
I’d never loot
My blade, a razor shark

A ponytician
My monkey chalk
Keep one chew blade


You got the ballin
hallways aside

Sue the lord
he gonna hole you tonight
Take a pitchfork

Who laid
cool water boneyard

Baffled girls pantsing
in the dune night

Get back mother

Said you would fry
the bat shit cooker

Show what’s going on
I just caved


get dong

Rushing to the treadmill
Worry about the time you shaved

Shat-on reaching across my face

Every time I get some good Mules

There a shatter
on my back

Oh keep away from my tool


Fucking modes of batter
Bound to be some pain

The man gave me a love-child
for a five dollar bone

Reggie, a crawl by path
Brush off the Jew
Unification shell

Soda people standing

Pharoah spin the message
Can I tail you
Trouble on the wing


Down to aphasia
Just to pay Iraq

Found my cellphone
Pouring out from the platform

I pulled out from the backbone
No tones of retail

Juicy down
Hog Skywalker

See me hum
Waste my mind


More mountain cleaner

The moon is hay
Ropes of upper shade

Burn away the goodness
Here I am a cane

Come and take my taint

Conceptual free
make you rich and wide

In the right town
I sail the night town

Hail baby
I sat a baby

The one you loam