Monday, October 8, 2007

A Carrot-on


Leisure midnight
turn into lonely

it’s a very fat lie
but you’ve got the mansion

one meadow’s way

forever smell
and I’m touching your ham


Stole the high life
with one hen

the mooning sun
when the boss came

met them face to face
on Saturn

He had had a little starry child
living with the gone


when your cats slow down
you can’t trust any woman

you’re so fresh
I just may wink

like a bully-fly
you will protect
the violent glass

you can hang suspenders

like a face inside a nose

well, your both hands
had some fun

there’s an eagle
in everyone


Ed, as we warped,

otter days were
filled with poetry

in gay pork fusion
for God’s green lad

Lord, we love the wrong way
Our glow


When you would shine

and take a child in
in the morning

talking body, real soap

mess with the river at night:
it’s not really good

bacon, the eternal
stabbed me in a cistern

the rampart, we’re gonna lie in the whiz


She’s leaving friendly markers
suit-cage in her hand

Edith was a steer-clear cake star

mother nature or the president

I had a lonely cry
in the shadows
atlar blue


In dirt called the Seth
so smooth, out of bounds

lay it downward in this type of way

leather arco-home
you can go, hissing

Well, a trapper farted

you will double back
your nut-bag, far away

A nut so far
as a country mile


I want a calm fort

I guess too much for me
I do the sane thing
you do

I want a calm fort
I want a calm fort


It’s a storyland
My enemy, I’m mystified by his move

I like the fly-weight
it spinned a day or two

Should lay down
out in shades of pheasant
if a pheasant orders


We were turned on
In a country fair, oh

we laid out Dan
and the war torn down
on an oak

We counted paintball in the sand
Sand like Times Square
in sweet samba-time