Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Sat A Million Sizes

From the darkened end, the streak
a docent came with me, helped me shave

Intensive laugh, we’re born

Into the slop we’re born
sometimes pigs soo, I don’t know why
I’m a dark and love the street


Like a fool for the skins
I was lifted by the game

I will find my sexuary
I was better for a Ford

I was lifted up and ganged

I was dead there before the Ford
and I looked and swore the rag

Like a fool Ford skin
lifted up for Gaye


On your lipstick
a pie you’re making

Then you go stepping on a queen

You go to a party
wear a cloud departing

You make a seam and there
the windfall away

Look out the lookout and say:

It’s a load that keeps getting shorter
you’ve got to look up and say:
it’s a woundfall

Daniel stand up and wait
while your mirror cleaned her


Some day ants, some sun
to the old heart-stove

from the city gates
to the cancer walls

On a sunnylith day
to the lady Pharaoh
she was shooting out sod
on a balcony
in a queer light

It was a shored night
and the trumpet’s right
and they gave up shout

And chivalry and the day of lore
and you lift your window high

You’re bigger-lipped
you’re window-high

When you’re left down low
open the lower door


I will make my Bible spill
wither my prayer
Laura would do white chicken
put a tater out, stand in the West end
take off my pen


Spending that time listening to
something I’ve never hurt

I yearn for mistress calling me
That’s the muse
We only burn up with that pie
It’s just my work in bad companies

You make me feed so free
I heard them say the Jew can have your cake
and eat it; how can I
eat when the man is
next to me beating me
to the punch?

Sweet mystery, but you
I want to lay my concert on the table and spin the wine
jump on my naked severity



In the city of month
in the city of Paris, May

When I hurled the bellringer
in a kol ha’yom

Who’d ever think they could be touched
by a stranger (O. Notme)?

It was just the way it fell to me
as I listened about a search

Will you be my baby
Willy, you will be my baby

Angel-lube, angel-lube,
angel-lube, angel-lube
Yes I will


--As we walked down the lather
you were gamey
--Then the healing has begun
When the avenue they bring
and the heart you feel is broken, glows
put on your Yusef Barnley and I’ll do the rest

--I didn’t know you stabbed
I moved up here as a witness

Yeah I got some dicks in sherry


A saw in the game-chime
Every note has a load

Your future’s puking
these fangs your heart roused

A small cocaine
He went and Sheen-kissed your lips
and caressed you just like that
and your heart-wool

You had words and your future was cooking
Once in a while he woke, soon he will be
there with a small bouquet
and caress you over an inkling grotesque

Listen, he will kiss your lips and touch you
I’ll make you feel like you want to lay down and die
Every pit of barbecue that’s fit to rain in Spring

Meet me down by the river
beat me back on the water

Shimmer what they’re talking about
In a wider sense