Monday, October 1, 2007

Avenue of Grain

From the dog end
weeping lovers

little drawing
help me shave my loam

in the twinkling of a life

of the scree

Baby sun tie
while we cave

In the jelly-thin breeze
ride my sanctuary

I soldered I on the wall

I’m begging for a board

In the chairman

always be turd
lifted up in gas

Orange limping

all pie on maker
sometimes you be leaving

stepping out queef
you laughed at a party

you make a sea

sister windfall, windfalling

kids getting stronger
you gotta limp now

shocker everyday

you’re walking the dog
when your miraclean
it’s a log

come in your hardened

the old hot stove
till the lady fell

sinning outside

the trumpets ride
and they gave a shine

you hate that sound
with a freedom wand
lick your window

can you dig that sow
grunting through town

I was raising my bible

my pen was raping my song

I would drool
and I would stand in Luxembourg

take off my pants
and rape my song

I prepare to spend some time
never, ever her

I make it the spring

He grabbed the load
and beat me

I want to lay my cock
nice right on the table

the liver way it comes out

somewhere that don’t want
my naked sympathy

what you sand

in the center of Paris

in the coal
can you heave me

who would think
I may not be touched
about a sedge

ate a journey

pee smile

I want you to pimp
your pretty summer dress


You feel Gary Busey ringing
caged the backstreet

your useless bonnet

I can’t stand myself

we’ve got to play to the violence

I didn’t know you stabbed
home from a gate

a drop of pork
come on in behind it

get some litter boxes
just sip teet

you got head

just open up a little bit
of sub-meat

some back-seat jelly

I’m in the zone a little bit

Salad was a wonderful game

and we know
echo love

you head west with Hammer
and your cute dress

these things are hard

with a small Italian ewe

and your hardwood
with eyes above

Sonny will be there
with a smock

caress your weakling girl tits

feel like a flag

you want to cry some tomorrow

make you a hat sometime