Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Misheard My Eyeballs

Hyena’s sister looks through Johann

Man, he served a beer
No rituals

The yodelly thing

The bigger the weapon the greater
the beer

Meager brain, a breath mission

Anita crossed over on her back
A child will snake your vision back



When I was young a beaver fell
Change the ignorance

There’s a key, a cream shirt
What do we do between the horns of the jail?

A poodle set my mood awake
A cleaver fell

Make sure you’re a collie strudel
Our Hebrew’s wearing thin

Pine became a shirt he’s wearing
A spirit took a rattlesnake

Chains, what I believe in


Underneath the wall
you’re M. Stanton

Overlucky with a hollow eye
Eye for order, hand for what’s in line

Stitch it on your time

Here’s a trailor tong
Sew it on your time