Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I’m’a hump

Found my shell on the flattop
No bloody rage from

Elf a deucy down

There’s more mouth between us
Burn away the pudding nest

Ward of hate
wilded ape

Willy picks a tuna out and blows in it
Mookie forms a gutface

The Devil’s on my zoo

There’s a happy goy

A jostling shawl for Molene
couldn’t bleed
Shaken fear of forest light

The spirit came to make us feature by rays of a mars attack
Hollywood, lushed out

Flinging the blue room
You belong, Jerome

dirty fell out of his

in that mode, cotton
They’ll point that Canaan at you

I saw a fire burning on Sally’s bone

the hour lapped the ship
the sea will sweat
weary eyes to be touching

Hair I can’t crossover
hair in my waist
hair I could fly

Build me a boy that can carry two
There is a shit and it sails on the sea

Moldy dip

I leaned my bag up against an oak
but at first it bit and bit it gold

like some morning dude

I need a hand I wish to bite
build me a bowl that can carry Duke

and bolts shall roll

the sky cracked its forms in its wonder