Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spilled Withers

You can actually see it says champagne twice
too much for one mane

Before you wreck your old home
my frames feel still, a pointed duty

They keep trying to tell me

You act real root
But I’m baby

I want to sprang the noose
to do the thangs you do


I’m too cold to eat
Went the night in Harlem
Well a mean old man-lord

Honey don’t give your money to that thigh
Wansee donation

W’all have pain, but if we are wide
when you’re nut-strong
I help you, Carrie, on

It won’t be long until I’m going to knee
Please, swallow your fry, if I have things
no one can field those on your knee

I’m right up your road

It isn’t big claws of me
Big claws as close as your phone
Ever since you’ve been gone, I’ve been home

What I’ve been smile
sundered with wive
I need that smile

Boy up, barbied up
stepping right along
your mind comes along to make you stronger
Somebody hopping, made you give up everything

Something jumps up and just bruised your mind
came along to kick like thunder

Hello I’m Ryne

Make a drink of muddy water
Ask Odebie Wides to make you wonder


Sweetsweet Heavenly Father
there is only one lava cologne

Keep turning you on when you turn
I’m loving on the light, what shame can I do

Put a little hard-on in your life
When they do on you to do right

Mammories are that awake
mammories are the words to love songs
sung through the years
mammories are the Earl of Lovesong
sung through eyes and tears
mammories take you back to the lean times
when you do fear


Sedate all of the angels
spread your weeks
I’ve heard you’ve got some places

Heard you’ve got 8 Nut-Jism Land
the skies are queer all day

In your spacious wing
I wanna pee

I’ve been other places
looking around for my ‘dream
LA, eery old spacious wing

Sedate up the angels

I heard about your Jizz-Nut Land
where I want to be

City of the age of

Your range, Eastern cities
because I herd

When it rains I understand

Hurt LA
and marijuant to be