Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jews Equal Cain’s Seven-Fold Punishment

The vacuum that sucks up evil contracts
Himself from the affairs, the price
of the existence of evil the third part
of his mythology uniting a fragment of God

A kabbalistic image
the Protestant lamp

Our own human bodies are somehow
allied to the moon
One sector is practically lost

Women are exempt from the time-bound
the welcome mat removed

Palace story, Law
cross of candles

Look into the abyss
with blood’s help, video calibration
Do not say that we haven’t seen the abyss

King’s clothes fit so poorly
of Castille

Nachman, into exile
blesses the King Osiris
looking back

Set table, cracking nuts power reason

or a tournament between your tights
seven heads on the railing

If his soul were revealed you might see a fire
History reveals God’s will, black suits trumped up
charges that enter the mind

Cough up a jade necklace
The uniqueness, landlessness
tenacity, first law

This is the proof of the pudding