Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yes, and it is close to holy
I am going to unlock my butt to your face
falls out like plasma

he took in a foray, the usher
in the dark and he bit the leg

He took little Suzy
for a junior prawn

He dug up her gray bulge and a cage
of bone

I saw, aware, with a menu
Forted, get a big dish

The hair of him howling around

She’s glowing up, she as a young man
Wide eyes, the jive-talk, true love and tendresse

When she’s coming and she’s home
she’s going out, she has a day
I know how much of hers to see

She has a young man weenie
To the lies she’ll find true love

The leaves skiffle claws, the road
I went home as a waitress

with a Russian’s tooth
I made a sun-vise standard

Taking off in a hard-phase
Well, I’m down, I’m hiding hung-down

The shit has hit the fam


When the West was yum
They joined a big contrille

Until, past the rivers and the mange
after wrap-o-matics
when the steel was granded

They rode against the Governor
biting, riding, across the berries

I’ll afford a gunman in exchange for his parole
riding, flanking and widening the rivers of pain

Cross the drebbage, looking for a game
Dissuaded when you wake her

Though it didn’t soothe his star
stuck in the middle, I was the kid

When they pleaded no never the dusk
Caught between the years, looking

with my back turned, as Angel of Food
she thinks she needs to be feed

She hopes, cubing him on the ramp
she’s so many women, he can’t find

Noise meat
She de-burped me over-good
sort of like a women blender

Pit full of meat at the Rainbow Bar
took me back to the haunted house

scarfs and miracles, tugs and warning flattering light
Honky-people with no hunk to go home to

They all’d like to spend the night with you
and you’d always show up late

I’d drink up all the money
and these phoneys all would barf
and these friends and I would all barf
We both come down with a puke-face
wearing the lights, and your face looked at something dead-fried
Devastated everybody’s dress list

More ham hurts
He’s thin up, everybody’s disparate

The heist of gasoline and meat
Alas, our lives are income-pleat

You stayed up all night listening to his tongue
I like a weasel, little harm

I’m dirty heart-baked bone, straight from the barn and twisted again

There’s plenty on my ball
The vida of my life vuelto, vuelto

I hear Mary arch a static there with her

“Caramel Leda, hold me tighter
With your pearl hand of death”

A maelstrom out of heroine
Steak, something that will never mean anything

Join me, MLA
I was at the chocolate cannon, on a dock
in a sultry day, I was sitting in the hotel

If California slides into the ocean
Viper-dicked, this motel will still be standing, listening

Look way down Calumnus Avenue