Saturday, December 1, 2007

Force Hongs


Willows outside of Chicago
morning trouble

tree-top blubber
he got a racer in his chute

when we pulled up
from the flood


I berate her
could you help me flame this car

she’s living in a lake
with my best old ex-friend

just a pail of I’m fine

I’ve overcome the glow

something in my ice
think a vow to love
that I thought would sate me

end the show

no one I’m really under
to talk to

you can keep a-dying


photic rafts
memories that come at night

when I carved
root talks, oh, how I loved you then


too much to bleed

he’s the bells dropper
in the land

riding shy on the
rose so cool, that racist fool

honeys on another way

he got another one that just say “Hate”