Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chomp All

Give it all to girls
the time-cola
old lard
From your door, a man-wok
no longer stink-fish

time-cola keeping you warm
one part’s poison
girl, you’re impreza

when you need a ten-speed I stick my chest out
flavor show

my fart, now grated
There is no udder
got me farting out my jeans

from your door I’m a man can turn girl
The palsy, the time-cola
fish in stew
things to turn you on
out like a sauna, time

cola, one part spores
finesse out Timmy
you’re farting out your jeans
now I’m wide, come discover
from your floor, I’m dough turned to wine

The gallon skillet
O lawn
from your door
out like a sauna
one part poison


now grade a yoke
you’re fitting out your blood

fifth shelter