Sunday, December 23, 2007

In Fidel's

Distant shit sailing in from the mist
buried truth so far off

Burp the persecutor within
you're going to saddle in your mower

Friend to MARTA
you look into the fiery furnace

You teacher
in the hairy moonlight
in the smoke
with a small dark lick

Furl hard the judges
It's a shat libra
One of the ones gave birth to a prince
take the children and place them
at the feet of a Harley

Where the pressure's down
but his shawl left here in style

Dump my dick
You could be known as the most
A noose of you has come down the line

Snake-modeling today
Conjure being important

Got to hellion your Hell
Two inches scoundrel

The land of pummeling bliss

He's got no place to skate to
He's a wonder of the Earth
people hounded and torn

He was creaturesized
The chance has a dipstick

A goon at his back
They pray for a night-day

They trampled a bomb

What has a dung to wear too many scars?

ruse at us
for a man has invented his doom
first step was touching the loom

They gloom him for life
they set him on a pathway

Now there's a woman on my blog
she just sit there facing a hill

Now he's helping
in a cold chill

A stag-knit pool
man is a poster

this woman on my blog
she'll just sit there as a knight
gross, still

Dixie cud-bean
the low capris

Sometimes Satan may come as a man-up
both hands can be full of bleach
Sometimes Satan comes as a manna-piece
Sometimes Satan comes as a manta, pees

the pussy that you don't just lease
Sometimes Satan comes as a man of pee

In the valise of your skull

He knows just where to talk to you
He'll put bogus arms around you
Sometimes Satan comes as a man appeased

Somewhere in Mama's wheat-bin
she's holding, in her little white shoes

My flesh hurts from Taiwan
my milk-buckle

It was put together by a guy naked
Joe Green got in the way

the frown-parts from Pakistan
while the worm-arms he slaved for sure
a lot of money to hurt

did Microseed rule the world

This world is ruled by violins, frown-Broadway
a man bought a doo with his test-tube doo

It's a log
look how sweet

Neither otter known forgives

The size of she wakes up
one said to the love man, see my face in the mist

token untrodden path
who can devour the troop

Outside of two men
their waging for Spring
smoke and down the track

Love-man, seed my face and live

Moon-time, into the narrow lanes

I need you all, who are these people walking towards you

No more faction-nets misplaced
no more butt-cake creatures in your arm

When he pled and we didn't ask