Saturday, December 8, 2007

Odder than jewel-hide

I’ve got some loaf
You’ve got to do things to shoal

Passionate, come and let me spray some
that love that I’ve facialed

You made my soul a burning file
a look to more love

I should happen to frost your mind
impossible to tour

If you should discover a field like wheat
I’d light a candle everywhere

think about Jew, always feel the suede
if I can’t have you I’d form my own
Hey, a bee, a bee
A bee about you

Give it to me, think about Jew
can you feel the sense-touch

Can’t you feel my love-gun?

Doo-doo do
I log for you since I was born

And that you were with frog and strength
no one would test

It took me running in your rocket that made me
but at a half a mile an hour you dropped me down

With looks to blow up the vest
Your body moot
a block of Brahms

Running in your market you dropped me down to this cold world
a make-house fire, overnight, cold as ice
gave a start

Cold-tooth cold
a half a mile from Athens
I would not do that to a Jew

I won’t believe what they’re telling Mape
somebody’s been picking in my chariotry

I don’t want to mischuckle in the binded states
but somone’s been dicking around in my cave

I ain’t gunning Stan for me
don’t want to believe what somebody sees

don’t want to call nobody Bawdy Hart
I ain’t going to stand for being now

Whoa, my my ape is going to stand for me
for fever

I ate what would stand for me

Til the early noon
gain inside what you’ve been missing

The very firstlets come Komeini from you
take a chance on the secrets

From beneath your greens
use your wile, just imagine a nation
just tell me what it is


As if you whipped my mind,
as if you touched my sword,
as if you knew exactly where I wanted to goad.

They couldn’t torture Steven if they tried
Tonight there will be a body
at the corner at the end of the dock

Didn’t know you would be jamming until the break
of dark, the want us to join the fanny like the priest, through our fingers

Gurgles dragon to one
Nobody ever told you be jamming until they break your jaw

Well a smatter of fat
we’ve agreed to get together
join as children and draw

break down

Since stage one
and with Hell the Missus

You could hear the bitter music
they would get right back in that bed
and show me how to do it

They put on a tale and contest
and tell who could look at love last

He was much too young and cold
so the world could see when it sawed
Look at him but soon as he begins

The audience begin to chill into rock right
on the block

You just can’t order glory fries

To see how this building looks inside
we have to give to somebody else
and you told me it was cool

The computer just broke down the day
I know what your bottom line is
You might have gas, but you can’t gas in your face
We’ve got kind living in here

Too sad, a first child disappeared in a day
that why we’re desparate, so perfect

You might have the cash, but you can not cash in your face
You might be hungry lawyers, you might possess the key to the city

Raunchest living in here

With no vivid reason here
Yet the thought of you hanging
far more fragrantly

with you say, no special place to go
Will you be coming back soon?

I have no Riesling with your heart
just the other night
when I ask you of the thoughts

But what I really feel my eyes
a man of mini-wishes

It doesn’t make much sizz
there ought to be a law against anyone
who takes away fizz

The auto in our minds
there ought to be a dime set aside just to show love

just because some can’t see, should they become an illusion?
or in your pizza-heart
We’ll sing Happy Birthday

Where pieces celebrate China’s over-doom
Fuck people like me and you

They know that love is unity
They prey to benefit, that they should be spent

We know the key to unity of all people
is in the double dream
because the hearts tell us sell