Sunday, December 2, 2007

Otter, then Jew Lie


zip you really
whip me in the right direction

I’ve been stabbed on the outside
trying to get on the inside

throw me the truth
diseases stay without you

for your love I have been laid

I’ll be your first occulator
if you love me, honey, let me hear you say

please, don’t give me no lust
you got to give me your thing

I’ll put my love right by your pocket
let me hear you this way


you made my soda a burning pyre

I velvet pray each day
in lust for a love
that is broken and true

hating to suppose
I forgot
to foreclose
a kidney inside my mind

let me tell you, gorilla pig,
how exciting

pray for our love
in the weather

if I cannot halve you

naked baby,
ah-choo baby,
get a T.V., baby

drink a 40, baby,

think about a tusk


dragon strength no man would test
and some wood, much more

heifer mouth from heaven
running and rocking, gave me a stop

a female shakes, you were the vest
you move with grace in psalm

you dropped me down this cold, cold well

passion burning in your ark
to love this stone

I would not do that to a doll


All the fame a talent made
somebody’s been pickin’ in my cherry

knocked to hell from one saddle

I ain’t gonna stand for pain

somebody said somebody’s shoes
was under my face

but somebody’s been rubbing on
my good luck bar


close your eyes till departing
the early nude

inside only you’ll be missing

Haifa beneath your dreams

you should wild your imagination
as if you judge my soul

let’s get high on the happy
as if you whip my mind

you knew exactly when I wanted to bowl


it’s absurd with delight
they could torch us

from the park, ivory rhythm
tonight there’ll be a body
on the corner at the edge of God

beavers come to Zimbabwe
until the pistol charm

it’s latched for a fact
join as children in jock

when your destination is the positive
you're dancing in the froggy stomp

in the crystal chalice

you won’t believe it when they’re giving you head


since there’s one keeps a nuke
and would kill for a sis

find me the baddest dancer in the whole neighborhood

to a musical place
he would get right back in the bay

he’s much too young to grow

well his soul said
he must be crazy


the sunset says vacancy
I touch you on the phone
that’s convening on the dome

you find me a woman made to stay

I’ll stop by tomorrow
and plane off our interview

you might have the gash
but you get knocked down in the head
when you’re caught living again

First Charles is still carrying the day

Linda’s apartment complex
you told me I could see you alive

you might upgrade locker


let me hive

I had no reason with your heart

nothing’s chained


oh, to be in love again
anyone who takes a fence

horror in our minds
to have a world party

but his mother understood
in a gin as clear as heat
he would become an illusion

why has a liver been
a harbor day

time is on the dune
in the hope they should be spinned

we are the key

the eunuch-pee
our hearts telestrate