Monday, March 31, 2008


There's a milky invitation of disaster and time
such a movie in the brain of the door

I'm a pound of sure
Carl Basil method
and thyme

O it alter

it seems the vegetable, the salads are stinking
and there's a wreckyard in the mind

Heat don't give a echo, is he blind?
Goldie, need a babysitter?

I told Anita how to follow, and, in time, get down
no knee to follow
our insecurities attract our inner-flirter
I'd dessert her

known this meat

I don't hear about the tea room
it's about the learning

In every human on time
there's a reeling
and hey, see an asher?

Parm about to go
You'll never be endowed

gather a glaze, I'm gone
and can't even be reached by phone

You really are Nile
you're a woman taking up

Get this mess of chowder over to you now
when you shave me again
I'll be soldier-good
salivating, undue

When you're gong
and I don't keep smiling jowls
music all around my pee
so I can confriscare

A dough-cake's soy kiss

Going to jack with my tater
Go frisky

Under stamen-power of a lifted Hong
storm-child Whitney

Dorms so strong
you can't torture Whitney

Sim could have come
but the main man felt Seth should be here

I thank you, you've got to be thoughtful
on my ankle I've taken my chances
You'd have taken a knot

Remember on your own horse
could have been all mine

I had shunned the terrier
O balls
a little rapid fire stinky ranger
a Noel Webber Gucci-man

I'm trying to look around and check it out
but I'm still happy to be here

Beeper got to beep my mind up
make your Daddy happy,

Close the well
from the things they dare me to do

Crazy Taco

People I know, these things I gain
at times it rains on me

Hate-skin and a fin

Dental action
man with milk
Got to be a mass, a tram
Brian, oh, Brian North!
Nobody in a drain anybody knows
Now I know what to do: no more saddling
that's a four letter no

Time must let thy people loose
a wind that nothing has to burn

are we Jewing what we know?
what'd you shave? you don't know?
what'd I shave? uh, we don't know.

Keybone dancing

A salon
the stones

Don't you eat at chains

I took the phones in
you took the goods

I get snowed in
you're the one girl that you know
Farting Thing