Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ricin

You're sweet, whispery

Tender touch
Hell's bruin

Dark son's on the rice
The storm abortion

Little van engine
Rat gnaw
It's Saul Wright

The sea of trails
Bitter fruit
That taste on the tongue they snip away

Loan some day

& & & & &
Yeah, it's streaked with blood
Into the fiery him-stairs
Glove and duty
Somewhere at the stair.

Gibbous love,
You're going to follow it down
Up the stairs
I need your knee, love and duty
May your thief give us faith

It was down dark to see,
blubbering love

& & & & &

Must have bit a tear from your eye
If vomit, if thought affects the sweet
summer breeze, must have been the science

Don't worry, we're going to find the wig
Dolly-treats, the clouds are weight

Well, achoo!
I'm half-Marty in a wood-dog town
I knew I could change the rooms away

Without you I'm a troller-girl
shelter on a wooly string
ham-braiding, braiding on a sunny day.

Heart-times begging, all they come to a sow
you should have turned them, in the night, into day

Break some morning light to my eyes
I hope you come in a sleigh.

& & & & &

Darling give me your keys

Same in bed, unbelievable blue
I'll show you curds you can't understand.

& & & & &

It's Petraeus and tragic
if fuel I will
there's no neverending thong

I'm going to fuel the forest

a Cane's-sow
Costanza baked some weed

I lick the dust beneath my feet