Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Form-fitted newspaper used to wrap a face

And screwed old Lee the mule selects your face
His icy drink sitting famously

Five thousand mice and thirty years away
With all of yous a ceremonial

You were crowned one night
"King of the field where doctors nailed the cows"

To make up a cock's call there are arts from language
Down the freaking heart a sword, the gas, the arse

The Schmecky scholars writhe in our favorite bondage
A hole you point up to the charge of white

Exhibit A, he falls on legendary lice
I'm peeing here in my heart

The Judge in me sucks eggs and jerks a sacred meat
but the boy in me still drinks in Milky Town

Latke prudential bastards wearing the galleries
I hold your hold on Tumera ghost-side down

Innsbrucker waltzed through;
hungry street shark-ghost prevails

Just like an old ass-boxer, H-22,
Steve supple like Falstaff with no wine will tremble

You were loved to see the monograms
They makoed you

Armistice tumult

Let us ramble through the midnight beer
Let's smooth barbells out below ferris wheels
Let us play library on the library
Lettuce-rain in the moonlight
Let's watch twenty days grow daily more in one day
Let Rothko go riding with his shears

Hot choir, the belly of the soul and mountain bits
And rip molten harrows forth from mysterious tears

Angela's steel

Let's us scramble through the midnight
Let us stroll bottles
Let us play library on the library lattice rail in the moonlight