Friday, January 2, 2009

Pin Seed


Talked about the blurters
deer I swear

I've got pain in sticking
around basement/ nothing said

by the time I fling a little girl
your heart is filled with lead

I'll tail the very end
Taut and Taupin

stick to my head
let's talk about it


Gun news is out
you've been sane
I should leap at them


Miguel, go down, the bile
Tonight I'm gonna see my Micheremy

Crimp the cum-boat see them come
peeling mumble, the guitar will char

Getting the meteor, witchy needle
frill-fruit jar, hone the why-o


The gnu and the way that I feel
That old, stunned, endless heart of mine

Aisle, so lonesome
Crazy ordinary reach to somebody new

My treble-mind says boo
Take all those crushing dreams

Sunday, your crazy ark will hold somebody
Crazy ark that reached to hold somebody new

My crazy ark goes blue
to another boobie wimp


Gone are the toilets
I'm coming, those cello voices

My hen's a healing blow
Gum are the drapers

Gone are the toys
A better land, aye

Willow wind my head is bending
I hear those Jello voices calling