Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing Else Exists Out Of My Life Right Now Except For This

Alone, baby, to help you be strong
A bed to be strong
Through these shrines

I gust a whale I breathe
Shape up the fat into the lotion we all wear

You don't have to pry a node
A knee right by your side
Drier eyes is strong, Cameron
I'm going to love the hair
Yeah, your eyes

Waste those eyes
You're there to be strong
Joy is telling why

Call and be with you
You, your eyes wheeze, don't cry

Won't you drink your eyes?

Know need, no need, no-kneed, known need
Jazz your eyes

Drive your eyes
Fuels don't cry
Fuels be strong

I beat a rule, give you fruit
Happy Heaven
Come take a drink from the fountain

Symbol of beef
I'll be flowers