Friday, May 22, 2009

Superfriends by AP Language Class

Kryptonite shields what erupts from the lips of heaven. Evil consumes everything in sight. When children sleep I emit dreams of them doing tricks. Sometimes they do lots of things, like tricks. Suddenly Passover ended, and Spring sprang. Whenever Oprah speaks eloquently my female mother cries. Her tears shed on my sofa, staining it a blue. Charity and forgiveness warrant eternal sunshine. Brain matter smothers eyelids. Caffeine enlivens old habits. My only daughter sang terrifying harmonies of birds, and I love it. I eat many rancid Trix rabbits who burn sweetly in Hell. O, EZ Mac.
Teachers lie about the truth; but benches seethe with wood and love and paint and raindrops. Couple of swans breathe deeply into the jar of abyss. They can't breathe for their children. Mrs. Sandy Bottom sleeps on Mr. Hank's car. Finally, the hair that children have blows.