Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tournament of Champions

Bonus Bowl!
How do you like me now?!

That ten-pin made him sweat a little bit
keep killing yourselves over here

Walter Ray drops ‘em all again
if you’re not having fun you’re not succeeding
Let’s keep bowling!

My oh my!!!
We’ve got a barn-burner tonight, Robby!
So we go to our third sudden death roll

Ten pin party in the pit again for Ray!
He’s done that a few times in his career
Nnnn, yeah! Haha! Molten did the seven decide it

Not ready to relinquish the throne quite yet
he will take on Wes Molatt, the King of Bowling
if he converts he moves on

Are you kidding me?!
We go to five!
Let’s get some bloody knuckles!

Back on the strike-train!!
When he’s got angle to the pocket,
any time he can play around first arrow
it’s a very tall task

And he is D for done and Walter Ray
moves on to take on the King, Wes Molatt

The king and perhaps the next king
no one has yet to be able to dethrone the Big NaSTY

But the one constant has been the scorpion oil pattern

Molatt--back to back Jacks, to open up his defense of the crown
Yes, Sir! he whaled on the shot at the bottom of the screen
at home, right at the scorpion!
I like Chris Barnes’ description of this pattern
He said that we are going to call it the beast pattern

I like Big Nasty
almost as much as I like Hoss

to the guy who is the most deadly with a scorpion pattern
maybe if Walter Ray would hit him with a taser he would get back in this match
I think he would have to follow it up with a crowbar to the caranium

Prophetic Messenger! We love the Messenger!
Ohhohho, Walter Ray has to sit and take it like a man

Rob, new name for the messenger comin’ to you--the Scout

Holy, cow!
Randy, crack open that six pack!
The king is not going to leave his kingdom without a fight!

And when you’re talking amp, you’re talking power, and look at the difference
in location
because of the overpowering revery

Looking for his fourth strike of the evening
The only man to make the Big Four on television
He’s hanging around; he’s looking for a little opening from Wes Molatt
on the scorpion pattern
Took down Patrick Allen last week
The week prior, it was Chris Barnes who fell

You see that hand flip around to give it some side-roll
You want to know the new mantra of Wes Molatt?
“I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and fury!”
We’ll put that above his throne

He is well on his way to dismantling Walter Ray Williams Jr.
keeps himself alive just barely
and Walter Ray very excited right now

For what?
Four bagger

Four bagger!!!!!

Oh my! The medication is starting to wear off
after having strung four together

Go, colonel!
The king of bowling looking to go perfect
The king may invade a country after this effort
expand his empire

Two more!
Here it is, his last throw
stand and bow at the throne of Wes Malott!

The king rolls on via perfection
when we return to Lake Wales, Florida