Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sudden House

I got a lemon this morning
rang it red
my hide he rang
I caught a gal you love
I grabbed up my suitcase
I tuck out
I walked up right close
I said cut out a dowry
I said go, lay in your judgment day
I was standing around a burial ground
You know I did all the love
Well, I fool up Mom
I said fan well
You Mormons feel so bad
I didn’t have a soul
the soul-arms around
I didn’t feel so bad till gun or sun went down
ain’t slaying factions
it ain’t sun affection
just hugging pillows
I said “sool” this morning
I hung in a pillow
I got up this morning pleating
sooed this morning feeling around for my shoe
oh hush
thought I heard a corn-wind name


Mm hmm, we’re lean
Madam, what are you?


Shield a little girl
sate her hand
her name’s Louie
I never need a girl
like a Cadillac a Jew could
haul in low-down way
I wish she had a quaalude
I got a car like a Jew
I sure wish you’d quit at shul
Looky here, FARC, don’t go crazy
if a dong go crazy, well I’m gonna ‘lude my mind
a dirty sheen
asshole siren
know Louie’s name
assassin down a dirty shame
I’m so sorry, Death
Louie’s his name
come here, little garden
I’ve been your dog ever since Dada knowed your name
I, Seth, throwing up your dawgone Hane
you know I bring you dough
ever since I gnawed your mane
I don’t want you to crown a mold
When I bleed, I’m going to hang crepe on your door
I could sup in the morning with the blues three different ways
I didn’t have but one satay
I sat with the blues three dino-ways
If I don’t have a normal seed
you’d forever be Don


a little Enya
a cruel old Engineer
they left Poe famine around the heel of battle
an engine uploaded a whistle
you know my woman’s on Bodin
I do a little cleaning
a humpback smokes at you
if you want a ghetto Chicago