Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ritualistic Sauce

Head honcho. Pinnacled King, Sir Dreamboat Winchester. Sir Handsome, Winsome Hunch of Power. Dinosaur arcade talent, you were broken by my girlfriend piercing wind with buzzsaw hanging cuts over towns. Chief Running Water Bill Toddler spoke at the congregation: "We gotta break John's destiny." Then

I got a letter this morning from my Heidi
I called a cab you loved
I took her diner roll
man on the choo-choo force
I watched her red toes
that charged me dick
I looked down in her bed
you gotta sit there and enjoy my dick
how do you know my love
you know I did a nasty logger
I swallow up the wind
I said "Farewell, Hoody"
I see you judge my dick
that good Lorn sucked me down
break her Dean