Tuesday, August 4, 2009

T-Shirt Ideas

You Are Going To Suddenly Silkscreen this:

1. Forcefield of Popcorn

2. Petrified Shard

3. Bacon Crisp with Cheese and Other Shrimp Cheese

4. Ax my Zeal Into Religious Moms, IKEA

5. A child t-shirt should be written in childscript in less a hurry than your buttermilk chambermaid garage

6. T-Shirt: A Steel Girdled Shirt of Cotton

7. Glass: A formed vision of Mom's chest

8. T-shirt: Women lamprays swarming my lockerroom, feeling like an impromptu crew of great pep malice

9. Soaring, virgin cloudscapes, not suitable for work or t-shirt projections

10. Rotting carpe dreams embroidered with possible swatches from Tulane circa nineteen twenty-beef.

11. Picture my nipple bearded, sheathed in nighttime lather