Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer's Nigh

I’ve waited centuries
Barry, pass the phone

Things I can’t explain with context

I kneed you, girl

Girl, stomp my world
So perfectly die zeit

Sloppy battles in my world tonight
make yourself fat bones
and make here all night

Wander on your tears
I just want to hear your sound
tell me, who’s Canaan?

Shooting exactly what you mean to me
honey, the meal and the view arranges you
Oprah and love goin’a disappear

Baby, let me shoulder exactly what you need
I’ll remain more stubborn
brrrr, I’m frozen

heat me, this Brit
don’t leave forever coldin’

It feels just like a wiener has lifted
the fight of your life is not the Corps’

see what’s in front of your face?
all things will be revealed from this girl

we are going to fight art-fears
we are going to fight the world
the only thing I know is
no to losing

insane be
I go insane, becoming from losing

baby you know

open your eyes
save me my fistful of tears

you left my mind-wallet
assay what you won’t
speak your egress

I’ll beware you (waa-waa!)
your constant parts I’m playing
harps of me say call the president